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Master Waitlist

We require an approved application and a $100 non-refundable deposit to be placed on our waitlist.

After your application is approved, you may place your deposit using the Venmo code below. We also accept Zelle (6082288274), Square, and cash.


We will update you as your name approaches the top of the list. 


When it is your turn, you will be offered your choice of available kittens once they are 6-8 weeks old. 

 Once you have chosen a kitten, you will place the remaining non-refundable deposit balance of $400. 


​All deposits are applied to your total purchase price. 

​You may pass on one litter while retaining your spot on the waitlist. 

​If you cannot choose a kitten from the next available litter, we will move your name to the bottom of the waitlist. 


​All kittens leave our home spayed or neutered unless breeding rights have been agreed upon and purchased. 


​Please check back frequently for waitlist updates. 

Click or scan the photo below to pay using Venmo or PayPal.

(Friends & Family ONLY)

IMG_3163 2.JPG

Waitlist 2024

Kaila E - Black Male/Bambino 2 kittens

Brittany B - Black Kitten 

Ashley T - Male

Valerie L- Male 

Erin D - Female 

Dana E - Male

Jayde M - Male 

Laurie Z - Black Male 

Brittany P - No Preference

Karen D - Female Bambino Black 

Amanda M - Male

London Y - Black Female

Chris C - No Preference 

Laura J - No Preference 

Linda K - Black Male 

Crystal-Nicole T - Male  

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